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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Our class motto is:

“We never give up!”


The children of Year One have had a great start to the year so far with everyone settling into their new classroom nicely.


They have all been practising getting into the groups they are in for their different activities and have been thinking about the resources that are available to help with their learning - this helps them to become much more independent learners and take responsibility for our own progress, something which we encourage at Mapplewells.


Our timetable is very busy and the transition from Foundation to Year 1 can be tricky, but the children are looking forward to the challenges that we have in store this year – and even used this to help them come up with our class motto – “We never give up!” which we think is a great attitude to have. The children know that if things are tricky it is making their brains grow stronger.  They even came up with a little action to remember our motto, Miss Coleman was very impressed with their creativity.


The Year One staff and children are looking forward to the exciting journey as a team and are going to be putting 100% effort into their learning throughout the year. 


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