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Year 5 Pine


Welcome to Year 5!


Our school motto is: 

"SUCCESS is in our hands"

Welcome to Pine class (Year 5)!


Throughout this very important year, our goal will be to make sure your children are prepared and confident to take on the upcoming SATs year next year. With only a year to go, there is vast amount of new curriculum to cover, we’ll make sure by the time they leave Year 5 that they are in the best possible position to succeed in their last year at Mapplewells.


This year the children will be taught how to be: resilient learners who can solve problems without giving up, independent learns that want push themselves to achieve greater results, they will take on responsibility for their own learning through roles in the class.


By the end of the year all children will be thriving in a friendly, supportive, hardworking and determined learning atmosphere. In which they have respect for their peers and want to make sure they are all well prepared for the ever closer SAT’s year, and for life after they leave Mapplewells.


The year 5 team which consists of myself (Mr. Lee) and Miss Leek – who will be supporting the children’s learning throughout the year – are going to be putting in 100%. We are looking forward to this exciting journey and watching all the children grow and develop.


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