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Year 5


Welcome to Year 5!


Our school motto is: 

"SUCCESS is in our hands"

Welcome to Year 5.


Our aim this year is to ensure the children are prepared and are gearing up towards their SAT’s year. With only one year to go, there is lots of content to get through, and we make sure that by the time they leave Year 5 they are in the best position possible to succeed in their final year at Mapplewells.


We will be teaching the children to be independent learners, problem solvers and young people who have a genuine love for learning, they will take on responsibilities such as lead learner, supporting their peers and encouraging these values. By the time they leave Year 5, we like to think all the children will be resilient and prepared for their SAT’s year, and for life after Mapplewells.


The Year 5 staff and children are looking forward to the exciting journey as a team and are going to be putting 100% effort into their learning throughout the year.


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