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At Mapplewells Primary and Nursery School children are taught in a happy, nurturing environment and are encouraged to achieve the highest standards. We provide a rich curriculum, which caters for children of all abilities, attempting to develop each child’s potential to the full.


We have developed an exciting and innovative model of teaching and learning for our curriculum, where each class focus on a certain book. This approach engages children in learning whilst equipping them with a love of reading, giving them access to a rich and diverse selection of books by the time they leave Mapplewells.


The text for each year group links to a topic. This is then developed around an inquiry-based approach in which the children have ownership of the direction their learning takes. Topic lessons begin with the children completing KWL grids - children will list what they ‘Know’ and what they ‘Want’ to find out and at the end of the topic, what they have ‘Learnt’. Each topic starts by giving the children the opportunity to explore related artefacts and information. This then leads to the children generating a series of questions to investigate throughout the topic. Teachers then use these questions to tailor the direction of the curriculum.


This approach to learning provides opportunities for children to be reflective, build on prior learning skills, knowledge and values, giving them the ability to draw conclusions and make connections between new ideas.


Each topic is launched with a ‘WOW’ starter, the purpose of which is to engage, motivate and inspire our children through a memorable learning experience. In addition, we also plan a weekly ‘hook’ lesson to maintain the children’s enthusiasm and curiosity. These experiences ensure that the children are fully engaged in the learning process.


We believe that children should have an understanding of current affairs and events happening around the world. Each class has a display where children contribute news stories of interest, locally, nationally or internationally. The classes then select a news story to look at in more detail, which forms the basis of the curriculum for the final week of each half term.


Our curriculum is designed to offer a wide range of balanced learning opportunities to help your child to grow into a responsible and independent young person. 


For more information on individual classes curriculum please visit our class pages.

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