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Foundation Stage

There are two classes forming the Foundation Unit in school; one F1 (previously Nursery) and one F2 (previously Reception infants). The Unit is an open area which can also be closed off to form two separate classrooms, Joint planning takes place, catering for all abilities in the Unit. At Mapplewells we provide a warm and welcoming environment for children starting school. Good communication between families and school helps ensure a smooth transition, but also enables the teacher to learn about each child from the adult that knows them best. Information from pre-schools will also help to ensure continuity of experience in the Foundation Stage.


At this stage young children are developing rapidly and the Foundation Stage hopes to maximise their potential. Children vary greatly in their maturity in different areas of development and learning and development will need to be carefully planned to take account of individual achievements and needs. Children may be engaged in some whole class activities, some individual learning opportunities, or playing co-operatively in small groups. Activities and teaching sessions are planned for using the Early Years Foundation Stage document as well as the new Development Matters framework.


At Mapplewells we aim to nurture and build upon the natural energy, enthusiasm, curiosity and sense of humour of children. In the Foundation Stage, we offer a variety of opportunities to include imaginative play, designing and constructing, investigating and exploring sand and water, creative activities and energetic both inside and outside. Through these experiences children’s language will be enriched and their understanding of the natural and built world will be extended; physical abilities and co-ordination will develop; and levels of concentration and persistence will be raised.


For more information on individual classes curriculum please visit our class pages.

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