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During our PE lessons we will offer a wide variety of sports for the children to participate in, built into these sports will be fun warm up games, modified versions of the game to help develop knowledge and ultimately the opportunity to progress and succeed. 


The planning for the lessons will focus on the curriculum outcomes for their key stage.


KS2 will always have a focus sport which will link to a query question. They will explore this sport and use activities to help develop skills. Offering opportunities to lead, work in groups and officiate is essential to a children's progress in PE so this will be embedded in lessons frequently. 


Autumn Term - What is Athletics? 

The pupils will explore the 3 main areas of running, jumping and throwing. Improving their knowledge of techniques, how to score measure and ways to improve. 


KS1 will use a variety of activities to help them improve their decision making, using techniques and ideas they feel is appropriate to the task or challenge. 


Autumn Term - How do we use our body to move?

Accessing lots of games, activities and opportunities to think about of their body moves and how they can get better. 


Spring Term - What is the point of a map? 

KS2 will explore the grounds using a map to find clues and solve problems during their OAA lessons. Built into these lessons children will monitor their number of steps and calculate the difference between before and after. 


Spring Term - Can we perform a sequence?

KS1 and lower KS2 will use their PE lessons to practice and prepare a gymnastic routine. This routine will be performed and judged by feedback

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