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Welcome to Year 5!


Our school motto is: 

"SUCCESS is in our hands"

Welcome to Pine class (Year 5)


This year is a massively important year as we will build the foundations of knowledge that will be required within year 6 for their SATS test. Therefore, staying on track throughout this year is vital to ensure they are in a secure position for their final year - especially due to the vast curriculum expectations.


A big focus at the moment is building children’s confidence across all subjects. Trying to promote a positive mindset whereby if children find things difficult, they accept that and work hard to gain a better understanding. Furthermore, ensuring that they are focussing on how they are working and avoiding comparing amongst their peers. Up until the Christmas break I would like to think all children are in position where they believe in themselves, are supportive towards peers and always try their best, despite not always getting there first time.


I am excited to see what the children can achieve this year and how they will further develop socially, mentally and academically. The teaching team of myself (Mr Hill), Mr Land and Mr Darby will be supporting the children throughout the year and want to ensure that each child reaches their potential in every aspect.




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