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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Head Teacher Mr G Worthington
Deputy Head Teacher Miss S Leek (Key Stage 2 Leader)
Foundation Stage Leader Miss L Kania (Teaching & Learning Leader)
F1  Miss A Beeson

Miss L McGaulley

Miss G Coleman

Year 1/2

Mrs H Harison-Denby (Key Stage 1 Leader)

Miss L Ellis (Key Stage 1 Leader)

Miss M Tolan

Miss S Hitchen

Mrs S Hopkins

Year 3 Miss J Catton
Year 4 Miss S Wade (SENCo)
Year 5 Mr R Lee
Year 6 Mr R Platts 
Teaching Assistants Miss F Marshall (TA Leader)
Mr A. Land Miss S Christie
Miss M Ryder Mrs L. Steeples
Miss J Hallam Mrs J Williamson
Mrs M. Severn Mrs V Smith
Personal Care Assistants  Mrs D Hudd

Ms J Blewitt

Mrs S Hallam

Mrs L Hollingworth

Miss G Allin

Office Staff Mrs B Crossland (Office Manager)
  Mrs M. Armstrong (Clerical Assistant)
Site Manager Mr R. Thacker
Mid-day Supervisors Mrs P. Smith
  Miss K. Stanley
  Mrs W. Parker
  Mrs T. Young
  Mrs P. Smith
  Mrs G. Scott

Miss J.Patrick

Miss V Naylor

School Kitchen Staff

Mrs L Ingleby

Miss V Naylor

Mrs T Wright

Miss K Willets



Cleaning Staff

Mrs J Brookes

Mrs D Johnstone

Miss J Patrick




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