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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.


Applying for a Place

Children may join our Foundation Unit in Foundation 1 (F1) at the beginning of the term after their 3rd birthday. This organisation means that the children experience greater continuity and familiarisation, as they know all members of staff in the Unit and remain with their friends throughout their time with us.


Once you have decided that you would like your child to attend our F1 you will be asked to complete a registration form giving us you and your child’s details. This is so that we can contact you regarding your child’s place and keep you up to date with transition dates closer to the time. It is vital that you inform us of any change of details. On this form there is also an opportunity for you to inform us of any Special Educational Needs or Medical Conditions that your child may have. The reason that we ask for this information is so that we can ensure that we contact any other relevant services to support us with your child’s transition into Foundation 1.


In the Autumn term before your child is eligible to start school full time in Foundation 2 (F2) you will be sent a letter from Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) asking you to state your school preferences. The form asks you to choose 3 schools. It is vital that this form is completed and returned to NCC as otherwise your child will be allocated to any school that has a space available. You will be notified of your child’s placement the following April. The school itself has no say in the allocation of placements. There is an appeals process whereby you can ask to be moved to another school should you not be given your first choice school.


Special Circumstances

Special consideration may be given to applications that are supported by written evidence from a doctor, social worker or other relevant professional giving reasons why the school is ‘the only school’ which could cater for the child’s particular needs. This might include medical needs, mobility support needs, special educational needs or other social circumstances. The evidence must be presented at the time of application.


The appropriate designated officers will consider written evidence provided to decide whether the application may be processed as special circumstances. Admission under special circumstances will have priority over all but the first numbered criterion.


Admissions to year groups other than the intake year

Applications for admission to other year groups will normally be considered in relation to the published admission limit (45 pupils), which applied when the year group was first admitted to the school, although infant class size restrictions will also need to be considered.  If places are available within the year group, applications will be considered in accordance with the above admission criteria.  If places are available, the child will normally be admitted to the school.


Further guidance on the way in which applications are dealt with including:


•           Preferences for more than one school

•           Late applications

•           The way waiting lists are maintained and used


Guidance on all these processes can be found in Nottinghamshire County Council’s booklet.

Contact for Admissions

Please contact the admissions team on 0300 500 80 80

Planned Admission number 2020/2021: 45

Current Number on Roll: 324 (including F1)

Mapplewells Admission Arrangements

Mapplewells Appeals Information


Admission Appeals and Coronavirus (Covid-19) update 30/04/2020

Unfortunately the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted on the ability of schools and panels to carry out admission appeals in the usual way and therefore there may be some unavoidable delays to the commencement to appeals being held across the country. However, as parents/families must continue to have the right to appeal to any school which has refused their child a place, the Government announced regulatory changes on the 24th April 2020 to the Admissions Appeals Code which will enable hearings to take place, although it is unlikely these will be in person due to social distancing requirements.


Your appeal, once submitted will be forwarded to the Independent Clerk, who is currently planning again for the commencement of the appeal hearings. He will be in touch with you as soon as possible once a date has been agreed for the hearing to take place. We do fully recognise the frustration this may cause but these are unprecedented times and trust you fully understand this. Each appeal should continue to be sent to and you will receive acknowledgement that the appeal has been received, update on the situation and contact details for the appeals clerk who will manage your appeal and keep you informed of progress, date and outcomes.


Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Information for parents/carers - new to Foundation 2 (full time education)

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