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Equality & Diversity

At Mapplewells Primary and Nursery School, we pride ourselves on celebrating Equality and Diversity. We are an inclusive school, meeting the needs of all of our pupils to the best of our capacity.


We have many different specialist teams within school who support children in achieving their potential in and around school.


We have a highly trained pastoral support team, trained in therapies, promoting positive behaviours, supporting friendships, working with others and supporting pupils with SEND.


Our Speech and Language therapist supports all pupils coming into school to ensure their oracy is the first priority in school. Pupils are supported when needed and signposted to agencies.


On admission to school, can meet with our inclusion team to establish need there may be for the pupil. In addition, we have a dedicated Child and Family support worker, who along with the inlcusion team, works with children and families in making any adaptations or cummunications to ensure each pupils' needs are met.


We also continue to work closely with teams from the Local Authority and have used a range of recommended resources to teach children about equality and diversity. 


All pupils deserve the right to a good education. That is what we aim to deliver. 

Equality and Diversity Action Plan

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